Monday, September 19, 2022

HP Spectre Convertable Laptop - restarts instead of shutdown

Had an old laptop to repurpse.  Reinstalled windows, drivers, etc.  Seemed to work fine except when I would shutdown the computer a minute later it would be sitting there on again.  Argh.

Looking online for the HP Spectre x360 convertible models this seems to be a common issue.  Found solutions with downgrading drivers (which does appear to work), etc.  

Then luckily I found this answer by DJElectron: SOLVED!!! Re: HP Spectre X360 15 2017 model does not shut do... - Page 2 - HP Support Community - 5978451

So, resetting the CMOS by doing the following fixed the issue.

  1. Shutdown the system by holding the power button
  2. Press and hold Win+V
  3. Power On System
  4. Once light on power button comes on wait 10 seconds then release Win+V
  5. Screen should say CMOS checksum invalid after a few moments. 
  6. Press Enter to reboot
Highly frustrating issue with an easy fix :)

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