Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Godaddy - new certificate crt and pem files, but need pfx

My brain mostly "seems" to be able to contain valuable information.  But for some reason this piece of valuable (at least 1 - 4 times a year) is never retained.  Each year I find myself pulling out the google foo to find a solution.

The issue:
I'm either purchasing a new cert, changing an existing cert, renewing a cert, etc.  I go to Godaddy, run through the process and get the download files.  I'm given a CRT, PEM, and intermediate.p7b files.
I need a PFX file.

Google foo always gives me plenty of articles about using openSSL typically.  They typically involve running a command which looks promising, but I KNOW I didn't use openSSL last time...
I think my downfall with this is that I usually type in something like "Godaddy convert CRT to PFX".  The missing part is that I actually have a PEM which is what's important to me here.

Since I typically generate the CSR from within one of my IIS instances all I have to do to get the PFX is go back to IIS.  Complete the signing request, and when asked for the new file give it the PEM.
Now, right click and export to PFX, give it a password and finish my project.

Now next year (or month) when I can't remember this easy process for the 100th time hopefully my google foo will see my own post OR I'll finally commit this to memory.

/wr mem