Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Disable Windows Password Caching

A client has a number of laptops that are shared amongst several users using the same local username and password. Problem, if one opens SharePoint, other Internet site, or File Share and chooses "remember my password" then passes the laptop onto the next user... you get the picture.

Disable password caching option:
Group Policy - Computer Configuration - Policies - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Local Policies - Security Options
Network access: Do not allow sotrage of credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication
Set to Enabled

This will disable the "remember my password" option from both Internet Explorer and File Shares.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Server 2008 Virtual Iron to XenServer winlogon.exe corrupt

During a conversion of Server 2008 to XenServer the first boot worked great. Upon reboot the server responded with an error that "winload.exe - the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt"

Booting to the install disk and choosing repair then command prompt. I then ran the following:
Bcdedit /set {device} osdevice “partition=C:”
Bcdedit /set {device} device “partition=C:”
Bdedit /set {bootmgr} device “partition=C:”

I then also had to ensure that the device ID (on storage tab) where set properly for each drive.

Reboot and worked fine.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Server 2008 - Windows cannot change the password

After building a Server 2008 SP2 member server I realized that I had set the administrator password to the wrong one. CTRL-ALT-DELETE change password resulted in an "Access Denied" error. At this point I went to the Control Panel - User Accounts - Change your Password option.

"Windows cannot change the password"

"This behavior can occur because the Administrator account logon option appears only in Safe mode if more than one account is created on the system. The Administrator account is available in Normal mode only if there are no other accounts on the system. "

  1. Start
  2. In search type mmc
  3. File - Add/Remove Snap-in
  4. Local users and Groups -- Add
  5. Finish - OK
  6. Expand to Users
  7. Right Click Administrator - Set Password
  8. Proceed
  9. Enter new password - OK