Friday, August 14, 2009

XenServer - The hosts in this pool are not homogeneous. cpus differ

When I was using Virtual Iron there wasn't a problem with using slightly different hardware. I quickly found when joining my second Dell 1950 to XenServer pool that this wasn't the case with Paravirtualized drivers.

Attempting to join gave the error: The hosts in this pool are not homogeneous. cpus differ.

After a little looking around I found that I had purchased 2 of my Dell 1950's at the same time and the third later on and apparently with a slightly different cpu.

After some more research I decided that it would "probably" be okay to force join the server into the pool. This would allow for shared storage of VM's, but not the use of XenMotion (I confirmed this later on)
xe pool-join master-address=IPofmaster master-user=root master-password=password force=true

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