Saturday, August 8, 2009

Virtual Iron > XenServer Terminal Server Conversion

This is pretty basic and follows the steps from my previous guides, but there where a couple of key points that I HAD to do in order to not have issues in the end.

  1. Uninstall VI Tools (Important)
  2. Start machine back up and follow these steps: (had to login via the local admin account, domain account login failed)
  3. Shutdown
  4. Export (this is for a Virtual Volume in VI, didn't have any Terminal / Citrix Servers with Raw LUN connections)
  5. Convert to xva
  6. Import and boot
  7. Login via local admin account
  8. Windows finds new hardware and installs drivers, reboot (not the pci device, but rather the hub root). I had to reboot after this occured prior to installing XenTools otherwise funky issues happened, may not be related, but what's a reboot?
  9. Cancel the search for drivers for the PCI device
  10. Install XenTools
  11. Reboot
  12. Login and ensure IP address is correct. When I did this I found that in the Device manager the "Citrix XenServer PV Ethernet Adapter" was not working properly. I simply waited 5 minutes (was researching how to fix) and it finished it's install and started working on it's own in that time.
  13. Fix IP address if necessary
  14. Shutdown
  15. Change Memory, CPU, and Advanced options (select Optimize for Citrix XenApp)
  16. Boot

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