Thursday, April 23, 2009

HP Print Monitor Errors / RAM CPU Utilization

HP print drivers sometimes contain worthless "monitors" which are installed by default (and can't be opted out of). Following are directions on what some of these monitors are and how to manually remove them prior to installation.

These monitors can cause RAM and CPU usage issues. hpbpro.exe, hpboid.exe are the main problematic executables that are executed with each print job / user logon.

Clean spooler using cleanspl.exe from MS
Download latest driver. I tried this on the 4x50 and 4100 drivers
Extract the driver to a temp directory
Edit the .inf file and remove all references to the exe’s, msi’s, and dll’s in question (most have at least 2 references to the file)
4x50 I removed hpzdbi.dll, hpzDBI32.msi, hpcdmc32.dll
4100 I removed hpboid.exe, hpbpro.exe, hpbmini.dll, hpcdmc.dll

Install using the edited .inf file. This prevents the bad files from being copied into the spooler directory or even being placed in the registry from installation.

Here’s another method that I have not tested due to my success of just removing the file references from the inf.
I found 2 DCOM component with the same name of the services HP Port Resolver HP Status Server From the properties of both component, I modified Launch Permission and Configuration Permission removing all accounts (MMC will crash because you will not have permissions). You must then disable both Windows Services and restart server.

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