Friday, April 3, 2009

Disk Is Write Protected

Plugged in my USB device to copy some drivers to a new computer, dropped in the files and "The Disk is Write Protected. Remove the write protection". Hmm, quick google seach and see lots of posts stating that the write protect on the USB slide over, just slide it back and tape it.
Pull out USB, no write protect tab on this thing. Try a different card, same error. wth. Eject and stick in a different PC. Works, okay, what's going on.

So I did a little research. From what I can tell their are several ways to apply write protect.
1. IF your card has the switch you can just flip the switch, but not all cards have the switch
2. Windows has a settings to write protect Mass Storage Devices

REG_DWORD WriteProtect
0 = Write Protect Off
1 = Write Protect On

Tested both USB cards and no more write protection. One of my configuration software platforms that was setup to lockdown Mass Storage Devices automatically for all workstations except administrators had snagged my desktop during it's setup just a few days earlier and set the key to 1.

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