Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Remove iPhone Native apps

With our recent iPhone re-deployment there where several native apps that I wanted to remove.  This is pretty easy to do with Apple Configurator and XenMobile.  This requires the phone to be supervised.  Supervised mode can be set with Apple Configurator or if you sign up for Apple DEP.  Supervising the phone will wipe it.

  1. Ensure Apple Configurator is version 2.x
  2. Click File - New Profile
  3. Restrictions - Configure - Apps tab
  4. Under "Restrict App Usage"
  5. Set to "Do not allow some apps"
  6. Click the plus sign
  7. Type the App name you want to remove and choose it
  8. File - Save - name it and save it
Now you have a profile for the app(s) that will remove them.  You just need to upload this into XenMobile (or other MDM) and apply it to your devices.  Can also be applied straight from Apple Configurator.  I prefer to not use the Configurator to apply ANY configuration and instead push it through MDM.  This allows easier removal of profiles and policies.

XenMobile - do this from the Mac with Apple Configurator on it.
  1. Under Configure - Device Policies - Add
  2. More - Custom - Import iOS & Mac OS X Profile
  3. Name it and then browse to the newly created and saved profile.
  4. Assign to the proper delivery policy and you're all set!
Sit back and watch the native app disappear.

How to get the native app back?  Just remove the profile.

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