Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Files not showing up "timely" for some users with DFS-R

Recently we started having a strange issue where users wouldn't be able to see files, but other users could.

The locations in question resided in a share with DFS-R setup.  Only one of the folder targets was enabled so all users are looking at the same share.  We could even confirm with DFS tab that they where pointed at the same locations, yet User1 couldn't see the file and User2 could see it.  Navigating to the exact path of the share would then display that the file did in fact exist.  Only the DFS path showed the issue.

No issues being reported with DFS-R or AD (both running Server 2012).
Taking a step back I recalled that we had fairly recently added a new DC to the environment (Windows Server 2012 R2).

After a quick look at DFS Namespaces I realized that the new DC had not been added as a namespace server.

Preliminary reports look promising that the missing namespace server was the cause for this anomaly.  Note to self, always add new DC to namespace servers!

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