Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Install Windows Server 2008 SP2 Domain Controller

Install a Windows 2008 SP2 Domain Controller in a Windows 2003 Forest / Domain

Prep Forest

  • run netdom query fsmo from Domain Controller to ensure Schema Master. Note the holder of the following roles
    • Schema owner
    • Domain role owner
    • PDC role
    • RID pool manager
    • Infrastructure owner
  • On the Domain Controller running the Schema Owner do the below:
  • Attach the W2K8 DVD to Schema Master
  • Navigate to D:\sources\adprep
  • Run adprep /forestprep
  • Type C and Enter to continue
  • Allow Replication to forest before continuing
Prep Domain
  • Note from previous the Infrastructure Owner
  • Run the following on the Infrastructure Owner
  • Attach the W2K8 DVD
  • Navigate to D:\sources\adprep
  • Run adprep /domainprep /gpprep
  • Allow replication through forest before installing Domain controller

Install 2008 Server Domain Controller
  • Server Manager
  • Roles - Add Role
  • Check Active Directory Domain Services
  • Install
  • Close wizard and launch the active direcotry domain services installation wizard
  • Existing Forest - Add a domain controller
  • Current credentials
  • Next
  • Yes to the adprep /rodcprep (read only) warning
  • Select site / next
  • Leave DNS Server and Global Catalog checked - Next
  • Default locations
  • Enter password for Restore Mode
  • Next
  • Reboot on completion check

    Transfer FSMO Roles
  • Note that MS recommends moving FSMO roles when rebooting Domain Controllers
  • Log onto the DC that will be getting the FSMO roles assigned to it (ie the new one)
  • Click Start - Run - type ntdsutil and press enter
  • type the following commands
    • roles
    • connections
    • connect to server *servername* (name of the server you want to roles transfered to)
    • q
    • transfer schema master
    • transfer naming master (note that I found that this role has different tranfer names between Server 2003 SP2 R2 and Server 2008. In 2003 it was domain naming master, in 2008 it is naming master)
    • transfer PDC
    • transfer RID master
    • transfer infrastructure master
    • q
    • q
    • From command prompt type netdom query fsmo and check that they are on the correct domain controller
Install other management as needed
  • WINS
    • Note that WINS is a feature not a role in Server 2008
    • Determine if you need WINS server installed
    • Open Server Manager
    • Click Features - Add Feature
    • WINS Server select
    • Install
  • DHCP
    • Ensure you have setup a Static IP (should have with the start of Domain controller installation)
    • Server Manager
    • Click Roles - Add Role
    • DHCP Server
    • Select NIC
    • Check domain and dns server address
    • Enter alternate address if desired (can do later as well)
    • Enter WINS address if needed
    • Enter Scopes or leave blank (I prefer blank and setting up later)
    • Disable DHCPv6 unless you need it
    • Enter credentials
    • Install
    • Don't forget to go back and configure your DHCP options later

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