Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"The system cannot find the drive specified" Windows 7

Windows Vista was a bust imo, I dislike it like I disliked Windows ME. So this week I downloaded Windows 7 RC to see how it fairs.

Download was long, but I just let it run overnight and then continued with the install in the morning.

I installed Windows 7 RC into a Virtual Iron virtualization environment. Install was easy with no issues at all. I gave the install 2GB RAM, 2 CPU's at 2.66GHZ each and 20GB HD (the VI backend storage is iSCSI SAN). Installation was actually very fast and I was up in no time.

Icons in the task bar seem so large and take up to much space imo. Right click, properties, check use small icons. Only problem I see at this point is that each button needs several pixels shaved off each size so they aren't as wide anymore. Just an annoyance.

------------------- SOLVED - Solution below -----------------
Open cmd prompt, U: enter.... "The system cannot find the drive specified"
Hmm... Try it on XP, works just fine. K. Look under Computer and yep, all my drives where mapped from the domain logon script. I do have a U: drive according to the "Computer" view along with all my other normal mapped drives, but the U and I notice that my R drives do not have permissions. Being a Domain Admin I most definitely do have permissions. Strange, then I realized that the missing drives are DFS mapped drives... All non-DFS drives show up.
After a little research I figure out that using the Pre-Windows 2000 domain name is what doesn't work. If I enter the FQDN then it works fine.

This is actually more of an issue that it sounds like. With 250 users with shortcuts mapped out to the pre-windows 2000 domain name changing this will break a lot of links in documents and shortcuts.
This was actually a very simple fix. Simply remove the workstation from the domain and then rejoin. The Win7RC workstation had been restored to a prior state from a snapshot that was made on the iSCSI SAN. From the time that the snapshot was made to the time of the restore the computers domain password had changed. As such it no longer matched up and didn't have the proper permissions as a result.


  1. Did you find a solution to this issue? I am encountering the same problem and have yet to find a solution.

  2. Nope, never did find a fix to the issue. Using the NetBios name to navigate to the netlogon location works.

    I've spoken with another local admin that I work with a lot and he has a 7 RC install and it works fine for him.

    I'm at a loss for the time being.