Wednesday, May 27, 2009

IE8 Enable Compatibility Mode

Recently I began testing out IE8 in our environment to ensure that everything would work properly on it. I quickly found that our Citrix Access Gateway didn't display properly. Not a big deal for most users, but... well you know.

Group Policy Under Computers
Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Compatibility View
* Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites *

Now it doesn't even matter. They'll never know the difference on corporate computers.


  1. is there a trick to get this setting to work? I've added about 6 sites to this policy, and the policy is getting applied, but no sites are appearing in the IE "compatibility view settings" UI on the clients.

  2. The "compatibility view settings" only displays what's listed under User config / HKCU. So you won't see them listed in that screen if entered under Computer policy or HKLM.