Thursday, April 2, 2009

Default Profile Setup

How to set the default profile the way YOU want it.

Setup the profile exactly the way you want it. Check Power Settings, Quick Launch Bar, Desktopo Icons, etc. I've always done this with a local computer account that has administrator rights (so that you can change power settings etc). Once finished you can remove the admin rights.

Once it's setup the way you want it logoff and back on using a different admin account. Open folder options and on the View tab select to show Hidden files and folders.

Open System properties, Advanced Tab, user profiles Settings button. Select the account you setup and click Copy To. Browse to the default user folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Default User), click Change in the permissions area, change the location to local computer name if needed. Type everyone and check name. Hit okay. In Permitted to Use it should show as "\Everyone". Click okay and then Yes when prompted (backing up the default folder prior to is advised jik).

Turn back off the show hidden files option if wanted.

All new profiles on this machine will now get the settings from the account you copied into the default profile.

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