Friday, January 9, 2015

XenApp 6.5 Replicate Print Drivers

If you where to ask me if I had posted about this before then I would swear that I had.  But alas the other day I needed to replicate a new print driver and couldn't find my "reminder post".  So, for next time I can't remember now I KNOW I posted it.

To Replicate print drivers on XenApp 6.5
  • Add-PSSnapIn Citrix.*
  • Get-XAPrinterDriver -Servername XAName
  • Start-XAPrinterDriverReplication
  • Add driver(s) names exactly as Get-XAPrinterDriver displayed them
  • Add servers to replicate to
  • Wait
  • Update-XAPrinterDriver -Servername XAName
  • Get-XAPrinterDriver -Servername XAName

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