Friday, February 28, 2014

Opsview Email "From" / Reply To Address

One of the first things I noticed when setting up alerts from Opsview was that there isn't a quick easy method for changing who the emails come from.  (seems so basic to me)

  1. Change the user info
    1. chfn nagios
    2. in particular you want the Full Name.
  2. Setting the @domain.local took me as a non-linux guy awhile to find.  I did find a LOT of conflicting / wrong info on this though.
    1. The appliance at least has "postfix" out of the box
    2. cd /etc/postfix/
    3. nano
    4. scroll down to the bottom
    5. modify "myhostname" with what you want the @domain.local to say
    6. if you didn't earlier change the relayhost to your smtp server
    7. Ctrl X to end, Y to save, just hit Enter to keep the same file name.
    8. postfix reload (restarts the service)
    9. Mine comes back as "Alerts" from  (I couldn't find where to change it from nagios, and didn't care to spend the time on it)

Note: I also just found this which "helped", but wasn't completely correct as I found that myorigin and mydomain did not do what I would have expected.

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