Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CAS Array Object / RpcClientAccessServer

About a year and a half ago (somehow I forgot to post this) I needed to decommision an old Exchange 2010 server and move all the mailboxes to a new one due to a Hypervisor switch.  I learned a very good lesson then that I wish I'd known when I originally setup my first CAS server...

I quickly found that even though all the mailboxes where moved and all clients had connected to the new box that turnning off the old Exchange server caused Outlook to lose connection.  After looking for a few brief moments I found that they where still connecting through the old CAS box. ACK


I always thought of the CAS Array by what it's name sort of indicates, more than one CAS, but I was wrong and I paid for it.

You want to setup the cas array object to populate outlook with an FQDN that isn't server specific.  For instance outlook.domain.com.  You would then have DNS setup to tell Outlook which server to point Outlook.domain.com (or which load balancer).  Thus if you migrate to a new server you just update DNS.

Failure to do this results in having to touch each and every outlook install or using a prf to update (or some other method).

Do yourself a favor, setup a CAS array from the begining or if you already missed this step go ahead and setup the cas array and then begin slowly changing all your outlook installs to point to the array.

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