Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Citrix Access Gateway Virtual Appliance on XenServer

Thanks to ervik for this! http://www.ervik.as/index.php/citrix-mainmenu/xenserver/1885-how-to-run-citrix-access-gateway-cag-on-citrix-xenserver

I'm placing my version of it here for my ease of access and also because I found loading his site very slow.

XenServer v5.5
CAG v4.6.1
  1. Create new VM
  2. Other Install Media
  3. Use the CAG iso for install media
  4. Add 512MB RAM
  5. Add Virtual Disk 12GB (appears that you can get away with as little as 5GB)
  6. Add 2 NIC's (must have 2)
  7. It will do it's thing and then display to remove install media and reboot
  8. Remove the iso image and reboot
  9. When it displays "Adding IPv4 address to the eth1 interface..." your done
  10. Give your management workstation an additional ip of 10.20.30.x
  11. Navigate to and install the admin tools
  12. Username: root Password: rootadmin

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