Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transfer DHCP from Server 2003 to Server 2008

Microsoft has really done a great job making this process easy and smooth.


  • On 2003 DC open cmd prompt
  • Netsh
  • dhcp
  • server file://servername/
  • export c:\w2k3DHCPdb all
  • copy to new DC
  • Log onto new DC and open command prompt
  • net stop dhcpserver
  • rename or delete DHCP.mdb from system32\dhcp folder
  • net start dhcpserver
  • netsh
  • dhcp
  • server file://servername/
  • import c:\w2k3DHCPdb
  • Restart DHCP and verify that all information was moved
  • Change your scope options to the correct settings if needed (ie DNS and WINS)

Don't forget to Deactivate the old server scope(s) that where transfered.

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