Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Virtual Iron > XenServer Convert Data Disks

A majority of my Volumes on servers in Virtual Iron are setup using the MS iSCSI Initiator rather than having made them as Vitual Disks within VI. This made most of my conversions very easy. I had 1 case where a disk other than the system volume was a VI Disk. To move this disk to XenServer here's what I did.
  1. Use XenConvert 2.0 on the machine with the disk attached (ensure that any services such as SQL etc have been disabled so that the files on the disk are not in use)
  2. From: This Machine (machinename)
  3. To: Xen Virtual Appliance
  4. Choose disk (D: in this case)
  5. Choose location
  6. Once it's finished go to XenServer and select import VM
  7. Setup the import like a normal VM, but at the end deselect the "Start automatically" option
  8. Once finished importing you can delete the VM but choose to leave the SR intact
  9. Go to the server that needs the disk attached (or import if you haven't already) and attach the disk that's needed

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