Sunday, June 14, 2009

Citrix - Printer Errors

For a long time our environment has been plagued by an issue that "seems" random where Citrix user logs in, attempts to print from x application, fails with random error.

The errors usually go along the lines of

  • Select a printer
  • No printers installed
The user can't print from some applications while other apps still work fine. Usually the default printer in the applications that do print is not set according to what shows in the Printer Management screen. The printer in question is listed in the Printer Management screen.

Attempting to delete the printer from the Print Management screen results in a error "Cannot delete client printer" (the error is a little longer, but I don't have the exact error in front of me atm)

From there simply adding the printer again fixes the issue and even allows the printer to be deleted.

Looking at the users profile hive in the registry shows that the printer is listed under HKUSERS/UserSID/Printers and removing it here removes the printer in the Print Manager screen, then adding the printer back resolves the issue.

Things to note:
All drivers are either:
  • Native Drivers
  • Stress Tested
This does not occur with "auto-created" printers, but rather normally with printers that are assigned via Citrix print policies.

What really annoyed me was that the user couldn't delete the printer unless they re-added the printer first. This led me to believe that perhaps the printer registry keys do not have the proper permissions for the user to remove them (simular to the administrator access denied issue)

With this new informmation I began searching and found this:
which in turn quickly led to this:

I have since added the x2 to my DefaultPrnFlags key to make it now appear as 0x28004000

8000000 for the auto Creation event log errors and 4000 for adding the administrator permissions to the printers.

Time will tell if this fixes the problem for Windows2003 (note the article mentions that it is fixed in Windows2008 since w2k8 maps the printers differently)

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  1. There is really lot's of problem in installing the printer software .